SeCom 2.0 is a game for training and educational purposes in the field of flood management. It contains different scenarios that simulate a flood situation in the city of Cologne. The main target groups are flood experts and students in the basic studies of civil engineering.

The flood events that recur every year in Europe not only cause major economic damage to property, but also often cause unnecessary loss of life. This trend will increase if we have to expect more storms and extreme precipitation events in the future (European Commission and UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, 2009).

As a consequence, existing flood management strategies were revised and adapted to the developments. The European Flood Directive from 2007 calls on EU member states to develop flood risk management plans by 2015.

Initial surveys and studies identified the skills and resources needed to meet the expectations of flood risk management plans (, July 2010). The results of the studies include recommendations for action to ensure the development of competences and capacities of all those involved in flood risk management.

The SeCom project contributes to these three recommendations for action:

  • Deepening the knowledge and competence of existing staff in the field of flood risk management.
  • Capacity building of the still-studying generation of male and female engineers, through the provision of education and training courses.
  • Provide cooperation tools and access to critical information for public decision-makers and stakeholders, with the aim of knowledge transfer.

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