With a growing population and increasing prosperity, the demand for energy, food and water in the Mediterranean region will increase. The aim of AWESOME is to investigate the sustainable use of natural resources in the southern Mediterranean region. To this end, a platform is being developed in cooperation with universities in Italy, Greece and Israel and a practical partner in Egypt, which makes it possible to simulate the influences of alternative WEF approaches. This should result in approaches for a more sustainable and resilient agricultural culture in this region, against the background of decreasing water availability and demands generated by climate change. Translated with (free version)

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In close collaboration, RWTH Aachen University and Politecnico di Milano have created a co-teaching project to enable students and teachers to learn through avatar-based virtual reality.

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SeCom 2.0

SeCom 2.0 is a game for training and educational purposes in the field of flood management. It contains different scenarios that simulate a flood situation in the city of Cologne. Main target groups

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Why is GIEP Needed? There is no shortage of problems in modern-day Egypt. Whether they are societal, economic, or environmental in nature, the issues that

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