Avatar basiertes Lehren und Lernen

MyScore offers the possibility to integrate people who are in different real locations in the world into a realistic, 3-dimensional setting, so that the person can communicate and interact synchronously with other participants in these VR worlds. They are represented by avatars in the respective VR setting. As in the real world, they have access to notebooks, tablets, beamers, the internet and, first and foremost, direct 360-degree surround audio communication with the other participants.

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Steering Migration through Sustainable Development: Euro-Egyptian Program for Agriculture and Rural Development (DeVilag) aims to reduce rural migration in Egypt in

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Egypt's population is growing rapidly, but natural resources such as water and land suitable for settlements and agriculture are limited, while others, such as

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SeCom 2.0

SeCom 2.0 is a game for training and educational purposes in the field of flood management. It contains different scenarios that simulate a flood situation in the city of Cologne. Main target groups

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